My friend Tony and I are record collectors and we especially love finding old records with crazy, beautiful, sexy, funny, shocking, provacative, absurd, tacky covers. We search flea markets, salvation armies, house sales, stoop sales, garbage cans and, when we can find them, record stores that still sell vinyl. After 30 years of doing this, we kind of feel like we’ve seen everything, but still we search for that new old record with a cover we just can’t believe. eBay, while having effectively killed the used record stores we grew up loving, has opened up a world of records from other countries that we probably would not have seen otherwise. Tony and I spend far to much time (and money) on eBay clicking around for record covers that hit that sweet spot.

We’ve actually organized our lp collections into cover categories like “cartoons” and “cheesecake” and “beatniks”; even “dolls” and “monsters” and “big heads.” So we’re getting it together to show you the highlights and low points of our obsessive habit. To show you record covers that you don’t see everywhere else. Covers that might otherwise be lost to the junk heap of history.

We’ll also include some covers that are recognized as icons of graphic design and influencers of style. Covers that are quintessential in their own way and that are timeless and “cool.”

In beginning to put this blog together, we’ve also discovered on the internet how many others around the world share our love of album covers and our “inside” joke. So we’re hoping to connect with them and you and provide links to those related sites and blogs that we’ve found.

We owe a debt to those collectors and dealers who have turned us on to many of our most treasured albums, including the late Jack “Beabopa” Brown, the very much alive Will Louviere of Show and Tell Music, our buddy Otis 45, OZ, “Bollywood” Edo in The Netherlands, Preston Peek of Vinyl Lives! and others. And thanks to Fred Seibert for encouraging us to share our collections online and for showing us how.

When I’m not playing with records, I own an event marketing and promotion agency in New York City. You can contact me at



Tony with his Christmas-themed record wall (which came down after the holidays to make room for a James Brown tribute wall.)